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A Simple Guide to Decluttering your Bathroom Cupboards

A bathroom should feel like a tranquil oasis of calm where you can escape the stresses of the day with a peaceful bath or shower. However, if you’ve got a busy family with a hectic schedule, it’s so easy for your bathroom to become a space of clutter and mess. To avoid your loo becoming a zone of chaos, we’ve got a simple guide to decluttering your bathroom cupboards. This way you can maintain a pristine bathroom with clear organisation and order!


Clear-out Time


A Simple Guide to Decluttering your Bathroom Cupboards


The best way to start any declutter is to being with a blank slate. This means clearing out all toiletries, towels, and cleaning products – get it all out! Bin any expired toiletries or towels that are past their best, or donate anything unopened and fresh to charity or your local food bank. 


Obviously, you don’t need to throw them away; just pop everything you want to keep in a pile to be organised later. This is also a good time to get all your household together to figure out what toiletries are communal or what belongs to who, so that when it comes time to sort everything, you’ll know the best place to keep specific products!


Wipe Away the Grime


Bathrooms can be magnets for bacteria in your home, so it’s important to give everything a good scrub before reorganising. Wipe down all your shelves and cupboards with a dilute bleach solution to ensure all germs are gone, so you can put all your products back into clean spaces.


Tame your Towels


A Simple Guide to Decluttering your Bathroom Cupboards


A towel cupboard can become calamitous if not sorted regularly. It’s not as simple as just chucking clean towels into a cupboard; you’ll find it so much easier and tidier if you have a system. Try to keep large towels together, then group together hand towels and face towels separately. If you find piles of towels becoming messy, try the rolling method; keeping towels rolled up and stacked is aesthetically pleasing while also keeping everything organised.


Everyone gets a Zone


If you have a lot of people using one bathroom, it can become messy so quickly. For this reason, it’s smart to allocate zones to each individual in the bathroom to avoid ending up with a massive pile of toiletries with no owner. Obviously, products like toothpaste or hand soap can be in communal areas, like by the sink. But for individual items like face washes, bath bombs, or medicines, allocated zones can be so useful.


Even if you are limited on room, you can divide up the existing space efficiently. Using labels is an easy and discreet way to divide up the cupboards in your bathroom. Splitting up the space like this can also reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do – each person has to keep their own space tidy, meaning you don’t need to worry about it!


Decant, Decant, Decant!


A Simple Guide to Decluttering your Bathroom Cupboards


If you hate the cluttered look of shampoo and body wash bottles all over the place, opt for a set of labeled dispensers to bring some coordination to your bathroom. These can be filled with any product you prefer, and they create a sense of organisation with minimal effort! Refill as needed and enjoy the satisfaction of owning so many matching bathroom accessories.


Utilise all your Space


Even in small bathrooms, there are ways to increase your storage space. Adding extra hooks for towels, investing in a hanging organiser, gluing magnetic strips to the inside of your cupboards to hold hairpins – there’s always a way to get more out of your bathroom! Check out this article for more inventive ideas on how to increase the storage space in your bathroom. 


Organise your Supplies


A Simple Guide to Decluttering your Bathroom Cupboards


A bathroom needs lots of cleaning products, and it’s a good idea to designate a specific space in your cupboards for bleach, disinfectant, or cloths. If you have young kids, make sure these products are kept out of reach and away from any other toiletries to avoid dangerous mix-ups.

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